Sometimes I'm a bit crazy about my thoughts and feelings and I'm going to write them down. It is a bit foolishly and sometimes I feel like an idiot. But, they fully illustrate my mood in some periods of my life. These words can be funny or sad, they can be written by me or any other person. I can also find these phrases in songs or any other places. But, anyway, they are my thoughts and feelings or just my fckin' imagination. Here they are:

Our life is so different. All I know about it is nothing. But it makes me feel so crazy. You are always in my mind, but it seems to be only my loneliness. So, what for?

It looks like some part of my soul is disappeared. Have you found it? Please give it back to me or just help me to dissolve my loneliness.

Today I caught myself smiling for no reason... Then I realized I was thinking about you...

Make me alive. Let me go through it all again. Take me back to the happiest time of my life.

Time is right. In the middle of the night I can feel you by my side. Is it wrong or is it right? Who is ready to decide?

Sometimes I think you're a good joker. You're joking so well with me and my life. Yes, you might be a stranger

Your love's on my mind. That's why I can go through these cold nights. We ran out of time but it's still catching the pieces of me. Now you know...

My sad memories about the happuest time in my life. I hear those melodies and all that was wrong becomes right

to be continued....